Saturday 25 February 2017
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pop-up shops open

Why Are Pop-up Shops More than a Passing Trend?

EE conducted a poll in 2015 which indicated that almost a third of new businesses planning to start up would do so as pop-up shops. In...

breakout areas - business productivity

Breakout Areas: How Can they Benefit Business Productivity?

The silo mentality is a very real threat to business growth and health. For too many businesses and organisations, the relationships...

office space

Office Space: How Can You Profit by not Expanding?

For many businesses expansion means just that: they expect to have to meet their development with increased accommodation or office space....

modular housing

Will Modular Housing Revolutionise the UK Property Market?

Solving Britain’s housing crisis is not an easy nut to crack.  But there are some organisations and businesses addressing the housing...

business rates winners and losers

Business Rates Revaluation: Who Wins and Loses?

Manchester-based, The Beattie Partnership, has done some initial analysis of the draft rating list, released in advance of this...