Sunday 24 September 2017
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Category: Construction

modular housing

Will Modular Housing Revolutionise the UK Property Market?

Solving Britain’s housing crisis is not an easy nut to crack.  But there are some organisations and businesses addressing the housing...

Restoration Projects - House Extension

Can You Bring Tate Modern in to Your House Extension?

When it comes to successfully extending a building, there is more than the overall design to consider. The devil is in the detail. Finding...

architecture perfectionism

How Can You Pursue Perfectionism in Improvement Work?

Is perfectionism a desirable trait? In business terms it can be the source of anxiety, unrealistic ambitions and unreasonable demands. But...

rail safety worker

How Can Innovation Enhance Rail Safety Solutions?

A lot of key business is about problem solving. It is an area of intense innovation.  Sometimes it is overlooked simply because the...

time lapse photography - camera

How Valuable is Time Lapse Photography to Your Projects?

Your work can become a powerful piece of storytelling. Traditionally the thing of interest would be the finished article, the culmination...