Sunday 24 September 2017
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Category: Design

wall murals

Do Wall Murals Improve Workplaces?

What if people left a workplace feeling healthier than when they arrived? Improving employee wellbeing is increasingly becoming a...

office space - boardroom

Can Office Space Market Your Core Values?

What is your company culture and how does it impact on how you market yourself to people? While there are very clear forms of marketing,...

corporate gardens woman

Can Corporate Gardens Rejuvenate City Spaces?

What would you feel if you could look out of your window at work and see a well-tended garden including wild flowers, organically grown...

employee wellbeing

How Can Office Design Improve Employee Wellbeing?

Public Health England’s 2015 report on the impact of physical environments on employee wellbeing makes various key recommendations for...

breakout areas - business productivity

Breakout Areas: How Can they Benefit Business Productivity?

The silo mentality is a very real threat to business growth and health. For too many businesses and organisations, the relationships...