Sunday 24 September 2017
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Category: Legal & Compliance

disabilities and disability provision

Access Provision: Do You Really Cater For All Disabilities?

Businesses like to think of themselves as customer-focused.  But when it comes to provisions for people with disabilities, in practical...

Disabled - purple pound

Is Lack of Access Constraining the Purple Pound?

Consumer power can be a powerful force for change, particularly in an era of social media. When it comes to advocacy for disabled rights,...


Inhospitality: Are Bars and Restaurants Failing the Disabled?

What is the duty of care that bars and restaurants have to their customers who have disabilities? Many bars and restaurants are unable to...

Landlords - have you done a risk assessment on your property?

Landlords – Why a risk assessment doesn’t absolve liability

A warning has been issued to landlords of residential and commercial buildings alike to be fully aware that any risks left unfixed can...

Disability Discrimination

Can Disability Discrimination Disrupt Schools?

In schools, as in other institutions, direct disability discrimination is unlawful. The person being discriminated against suffers and the...