Sunday 24 September 2017
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Category: People

facilities management - hear no evil

Can End Users Improve Facilities Management?

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) defines facilities management as: “The practice of coordinating the physical...

stress - how to reduce it in the workplace

Stressed at work – Can plants help?

The presence of pot plants in offices reduces fatigue and stress according to research A Survey has found that the presence of plants in...

diversity will come to every workplace

Why it’s vital to embrace workplace diversity

Britain is a wonderful, multicultural place, and that’s reflected in workplace diversity up and down the country. But with different...

employee engagement is important to gain customers

Are you checking your employees are engaged?

With many companies downsizing and moving forward, there is becoming a growing need to ensure that their is proper employee engagement...

plants in the workplace

Can plants alleviate ‘Sick Building Syndrome’?

Have you ever felt a noticeable change in the frequency or severity of allergies, illnesses or just feel hindered by a constant malaise? It...