Sunday 24 September 2017
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Category: Technology

virtual reality

Can Virtual Reality Revolutionise the Construction Industry?

While virtual reality has been making inroads into research and manufacturing as a valuable tool, it is increasingly seen as having key...

big data

Is Your Fit Out Fit for Big Data?

Big data is fast becoming essential to stay competitive. Business intelligence is a key element in trying to stay ahead in a crowded market...

BIM construction project

BIM: How Can Software Revolutionise Construction?

Encouraging the spread and adoption of building information modelling (BIM) is an official UK Government policy. The aim is to reduce...

data installation

Data Installation: Crucial to Your Business Continuity?

White collar, office work seems far removed from physical, hands-on industry. The huge growth in electronic data storage and cloud-based...

Downtime - unhappy man

Downtime: What Would It Cost Your Reputation?

Downtime and data loss represent a considerable risk to businesses, particularly now that they are heavily reliant on electronic data...