Sunday 24 September 2017
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empty stores

Empty Stores: Are There Risks in Investing?

Over one year after BHS’ collapse, more than two thirds of its stores still lie empty according to research by The Guardian. Of the 164...

wall murals

Do Wall Murals Improve Workplaces?

What if people left a workplace feeling healthier than when they arrived? Improving employee wellbeing is increasingly becoming a...

vehicle fleets and cleaner cities

Must Cleaner Cities Mean Poorer Vehicle Fleets?

The aim of city centre regeneration is to deliver local benefit by delivering jobs and growth.  However, successful regeneration,...

construction late payments

Are Late Payments Crippling Construction?

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has highlighted how late payments and unpaid debts are crippling SMEs in the construction sector....

office space - boardroom

Can Office Space Market Your Core Values?

What is your company culture and how does it impact on how you market yourself to people? While there are very clear forms of marketing,...