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Can 360 Degree Videos Protect Properties?

Can 360 Degree Videos Protect Properties?

360 degree videos represent the next generation of digital imaging, presenting a new level of immersion for online visitors and viewers. The 360 degree camera pans and zooms around an image, or a setting, providing a high degree of detail, viewable from any angle.

This shooting of multiple, high resolution images, seamlessly stitched together using advanced software, creates 360 degree videos – the virtual tour.  This this is helping to revolutionise the property market in the UK.

In this context, 360 images have a diverse range of applications, alongside its role as a versatile sales tool.


360 Degree Property Inventories

“The property inventory is crucial for both landlords and tenants,” explains Dominic Baines of No Letting Go. “It offers protection to the landlord’s investment and an impartial reference for either party should a dispute arise.”

Property inventories must be objective and informative if they are to be effective. The first element of this is to ensure they are impartial, conducted by a third party and not by the landlord themselves.

“Inventories provide evidence in disputes, particularly around tenant deposits,” Dominic remarks, “so they must, in themselves, be thorough and robust.”

Photography is already a standard element in inventories, but, as Dominic points out, it can be wildly variable.

“Adjudicators don’t require studio-standard images, but they do require a clear, unambiguous pictorial record of the condition of a property and its contents,” he says.


“For an inventory, the images have to be both clear and relevant.   360 degree imagery answers both demands, with its comprehensive, detailed capturing of settings and objects”

Dominic Baines, No Letting Go


“You can create a full, 360 degree virtual tour of a property’s interior, where every element is seen in full context, so that you simultaneously capture the entire thing while also highlighting the detail,” he states.


The Digital Property Experience

Digital technology has the power to unite physical and virtual worlds, by creating an as if experience using 360 imagery.

“360 degree videos present property professionals with a versatile tool to bring a quality of full immersion to property when viewed remotely,” Dominic explains. “So, whether it’s creating a watertight digital record of a property’s contents, or presenting a comprehensive interior view to prospective tenants, it is proving an invaluable aid.”


Dominic’s business, No Letting Go, specialises in professional property inventories, using state-of-the-art 360 imagery technology to help build up a fully comprehensive dossier of impartial evidence.  If you believe that this will be an invaluable aid in protecting and promoting your property portfolio please call 07881 363 254 or visit their website.