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Manchester Airport £650m enterprise zone gets the go-ahead

Manchester Airport CityProposals for a 65-acre Manchester Airport City business park to built on scrubland near the M56 have finally been approved, with the project rumoured to cost around £650 million.

Manchester Airport Group said the enterprise zone would include a mix of office space and hotels, while work on the site is set to begin within the next few weeks.

Plans for the park, which is also being built on Woodhouse Park in Wythenshawe, include 1.2m sq ft of offices, approximately 1,300 hotel beds, and 530,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. There are also plans for ‘green bridge’ over the M56 spur road for pedestrian access, and to provide a “new iconic gateway.” John Atkins, Airport City Director, claimed that gaining planning approval was “a major milestone,” believing it underlined the progress they’ve made in the past year, while being able push on to bring job and investment opportunities.

Talking about the intricacies of a project as grand and complex as this one, Bart O’Sullivan from Ennis Construction Airports spoke to Property Aspects about the challenges that still lie ahead, and shared his expertise on airport infrastructure.

Bart commented: “The project is massively ambitious and I have to congratulate the group on getting approval. Once completed the space will be fantastic for businesses, hotels and manufacturers, and create a countless number of jobs. However there is still a long way to go and many factors to take into consideration.”

“It’s not just about access and parking for people travelling by foot, car and bicycle once the place is finished, but about providing clear and proper work access while the extensive build is going on. There’s also the age-old problem of making sure your works doesn’t impact on the roads and businesses around you. This especially important when you are working on or near airports, as unnecessary disruption to passengers or flights is completely unacceptable. Lines have to be drawn from the start about how everything is going to fit together otherwise it will become costly for a number of people.”

Bart finished with a vote of confidence in favour of the build: “I’m certain that all of these factors will have been considered by the group and all involved. I can’t wait to see the end result.”

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