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amBX Increases Productivity for Your Future Workplace

amBX Increases Productivity for Your Future Workplace

While employees are being encouraged to work from home, businesses still need to adapt to their COVID-safe workplaces.

With health and safety a critical priority for employees, there are array of ideas, concerns, and visions of what the future workplace may look like.

Evidence suggests that being in the workplace is better for our health and wellbeing, with a report by the United Nations finding that 41% of remote workers reported high-stress levels, compared to just 25% of office workers.

For those that have to continue working in COVID-safe offices and beyond, what is a key to improving productivity?

Managing Expectations

“The pandemic has heightened the demand for improved health and wellbeing within workplaces,” explains Lyndsay Close from amBX.

“Employee’s expectations have changed, with their basic needs including many more aspects that help to make them feel comfortable and safe in their workplace”

Lyndsay Close, amBX

“In addition to flexible working, many companies have turned to technology to help reassure their workforce by improving health, safety and wellbeing.”

One aspect of this technology is lighting.

Shining a Light on Positivity

“We are all governed, to some degree, by our internal body clock – or our ‘circadian rhythm’,” explains Lyndsay.

“Light is one of the biggest synchronisers, and timing, intensity and colour of light are key factors in regulating human circadian rhythms. That is why circadian lighting is a solution that positively supports our body clock.”

Recent studies have shown that the productivity of office workers increased by up to 20% following the introduction of circadian lighting.

‘Generally, office lighting is static. One colour, one direction and one brightness,” says Lyndsay. “It isn’t very efficient and does not respond to our needs.”

“Unlike static lighting, circadian lighting’s smart technology enables it to be used as a platform to integrate systems and sensors, including phones and security.”

“Circadian lighting not only has a positive affect on our productivity levels, it also improves our sleep-wake cycle, mood, decision making and has even been linked to decreasing the risk of developing certain health conditions such as depression and diabetes”

Lyndsay Close, amBX

“The pandemic has fast-tracked us into thinking about our future workplace, beyond them being COVID-secure,” concludes Lyndsay. “What value could circadian lighting bring to yours?”

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