Are your plans at risk of flooding?

Planning Applications - A flood-risk assessment may be required

Rain battered Britain is continuing to suffer a summer soaking with renewed risks of further flooding, the Environment Agency has warned. The EA said there is a “continued” risk of surface water flooding from overwhelmed drains across the UK.

This can create a financial headache and a major setback when your business is flooded, but also can create a mine-field when trying to secure planning permission for development in the affected areas. With the EA estimating that over 5 million people live and work in areas of high flood risk, this is an issue that affects a huge number of businesses across the UK.

If you are about to embark on the development or planning process, whether it be a small-scale residential development or a commercial expansion to new large commercial properties a risk assessment in the current climate is a must to achieve the required planning permissions.

A Flood Risk Assessment is required for all planning applications for major developments proposed in areas determined as a flood risk location. Unfortunately, this is not a straightforward task, with all assessments unique to each site, regardless of scale, from small residential expansions to new large-scale commercial developments.

Jill Jones, Director of Environmental consultants Peak Associates said; “The recent problems with weather and flooding show clearly the issues caused by development, creating excess run-off and the importance that flood risk assessments and sustainable drainage schemes now have in the development and planning processes.”

She continued; “Peak Associates also have the facility to provide full drainage studies of existing sites where expansion is being proposed to ensure that the drainage system in place is suitable and will be appropriate for the new development. Our team have a range of expertise in this area and can provide detailed advice on works which may be required with the further progression of the planning application.”

Peak Associates are fully qualified and have a wide range of experience in the production of detailed, site specific flood risk assessments for all types of developments in accordance with the requirements of Planning Policy PPS25 ‘Development and Flood Risk’. They provide recommendations and advice regarding mitigation works that may be required as a result of the assessment.

Jill noted “drainage issues are often overlooked in design stage, with the focus being on the look and layout of the final build, but when it comes to planning issues, flood risk and sustainable drainage are key issues the Environment Agency and Planning Officers will be looking to see”.

We appreciate the contribution from Peak Associates to this article.