Are your premises giving thieves an easy target?

Recent figures show more than a thousand crimes a day in the Greater Manchester Police area. A study showed that the vast majority occurred during the day. In Manchester the figures showed a total of 28,319 incidents of crime and anti-social behavior were recorded by GMP in February 2011.

In the warm weather, it is easy to think there is no problem letting in a little ventilation by propping open a door, especially as the work force is in the building, but not so.

A report came from a school where a cleaner was leaving the building after her shift when she met with two men coming across the hall. There were security codes on the outside door so apart from asking who they were, and getting the reply, ‘electricians’ she thought nothing about it.

They had entered the building through a side door left open and, while the teaching staff were having a meeting, the ‘electricians’ calmly removed the televisions.

Kevin Millar BSc of Hawthorn Estates said “While we are on site taking care of the cleaning and landscape maintenance of our clients, we are also on the lookout for other things that are not under our usual services, such as open doors and windows that should be closed”.

“We are also keen to ensure that there is nowhere for opportunist thieves to hide near to a vulnerable door or window, such as in overgrown or high shrubs. One of the best security measures is to ensure that a door can be seen by passers-by”.

Even though the overall figure for burglaries is down, let’s not make it easy for them.

We appreciate the contribution to this article from Hawthorn Estates