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Are Your Staff Letting Punctuality Slip?

Staff PunctualityEmployees who are starting to repeatedly turn up for work late are possibly suffering from stress, either at home or in the workplace. Stress may not come from work, but can still have huge effect on work performance, and a decrease in punctuality is just one of the many signs that could show an employee is suffering.

The Health & Safety Executive reports that stress affects one in five of the working population, from the newest recruits right up to seasoned directors, and it costs UK employers £1.24 billion. Back in 2010, The Independent reported that stress was Britain’s ‘£26bn epidemic,’ stating the figure as the cost of treating mental illness to employers each year. There have been no reports to show this has improved since.

Charlotte Gallagher, Managing Director of P3 People Management, has been on hand to explain some of the signs of stress, and how to deal with it.

Charlotte stated: “It’s vital that members of an organisation, from employees right up to directors, are consistently vigilant to the possibility of stress. It’s understandably difficult to gauge, as everybody reacts to stress in different ways thus leading to different coping strategies. However we have the tools and the know-how to be able to spot stress and deal with it efficiently.”

“Colleagues, peers, employees; whatever your relationship is to the person is irrelevant, if they show signs of a dip in performance and punctuality, or perhaps display mood swings, or show more anxiety than before, then they may be suffering from stress. Furthermore, solutions needn’t be costly or overcomplicated. Sometimes it’s just offering more flexible working hours as an employee, or providing a support network as a colleague.”

She concluded: “P3 has an eight-point plan for managing stress in the workplace, and sometimes addressing one or more of these points can help make a notable, difference. The points are to educate managers to be aware of common causes of stress, create a supportive culture, examine working practices, tackle excessive workloads, manage working hours, provide support and training, encourage two-way communication, and to prevent bullying.”

P3’s team of HR consultants boast a collective experience of over 55 years. Property Aspects appreciates the contribution of their Founder and Managing Director Charlotte Gallagher. For more details call 0161 941 2426 or email

Eight-point plan for managing stress in the workplace

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  • Create a supportive culture
  • Appreciate people’s differences
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