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Where is Your Backup If Your Electrical Installations Fail?

Where is Your Backup If Your Electrical Installations Fail?

In today’s world where 24 hour business is commonplace, the need for power back-up, in the event of failure of electrical installations, should be high on the agenda for many firms.

Even with comprehensive electrical maintenance programmes and regular testing of your electrical installations in place it is impossible to eradicate the risk of power outages altogether as businesses are often affected by external factors. Construction work, the weather and load demands on distribution networks, for example, can all have an impact on business productivity.

Nick Walls, Managing Director of Manchester-based. , advises, “The consequences of such a power supply failure can be dire, from lost data and failure of security systems to an inability to trade or serve customers. All of which can result in lost income and a loss of reputation. For financial institutions and other 24-7 business services a safety net must be sought“.

Installing a standby generation system can alleviate the risks if a power outage occurs and give you peace of mind that will not affect your trading position.

Walls Data & Electrical provide advice and support to businesses on which standby generation system is best suited to their needs. By carrying out an appraisal of the business and its power requirements, Walls source and install the new systems to ensure that next time there’s a power failure, you’re prepared.

A range of standby generators are available on the market.  They range from those which supply a single socket to more complex systems which can run all of your circuits simultaneously. Whichever option works best for your business, it is essential that a qualified electrical contractor is used to install the system. This will avoid damage to your existing circuit and ensure the safety of your staff.

Nick concludes, “Standby generation should be a serious consideration for many commercial businesses especially those which face power supply disruption on a regular basis.  You should always look at standby generation to maintain systems where lost data could be a real issue.


Walls Data & Electrical’s expertise can help to increase your resilience against power outages in the future and protect any critical services or operations you provide to minimise any disruption to your business.  If you would like to contact them, please call 0161 714 4475 or visit their .