Big savings on water bills can be made by taking simple efficiency measures

Jill Jones, Director of Environmental Consultants Peak Associates said; explained that many companies are spending more than they should on water.

It is always worth having a closer look into the your water usage costs and see how it is affecting your bottom line,” she said. “In fact one company assessment we have recently conducted found one of their sites were paying as much as £8.36 per cubic metre for their water”.

She added: “Like most companies, they didn’t know how to tackle this, so outsourced it for Peak Associates to investigate. We investigated the sites for them and helped to come up with ways to save water as well as finding the cheapest places to buy water”.

“Take control of your water usage yourself, don’t let the water companies do it for you,” Jill urged. “Every drop is precious not just to life but to your bottom line.”

There are many ways to become more water efficient. The first was to educate colleagues and employees to not leave taps running and the importance of reporting plumbing problems to be fixed. Second was to boost maintenance. And the third part of the strategy was to take ownership of the water budget.

Jill Jones, Director at Environmental Consultants Peak Associates said “The water industry has been theoretically deregulated in England and Wales, in reality there are no alternative suppliers to the regional water companies, and therefore it is impossible to switch suppliers to obtain better terms, unlike the other utilities“.

“The alternative is for businesses to look for measurable savings in their water charges. This can be done by looking closely at bills, reducing water consumption and looking at surface water charges.”

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