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Is Buying Into Boutique Property a Sound Investment?

Is Buying Into Boutique Property a Sound Investment?

The trend in boutique property investment initially focused largely on apartments in cities. It then expanded, to include other areas and types of properties, including holiday homes.

What does the boutique concept means for investors?

The Boutique Concept

As a concept, boutique hotels came first. The boutique hotel will offer guests very individual services in intimate comfort, usually in surroundings with a unique design, and sometimes geographical, element.

This emphasis on individual character and uniqueness of design, carries over into other boutique properties.

With apartments in places like London, the whole concept of atmosphere has been key, which involves attention to detail when it comes to interior design and all the fixtures and fittings, and the creation of an ambience specific to the location.

This concept now extends beyond the apartment and includes more rural settings.

Boutique is not restricted to urban locations, because it’s a state of mind as much as it’s a set of physical conditions.

A successful development should evoke a feeling in people, a real sense of place.

What Makes Boutique PropertyAttractive?

The uniqueness of a boutique property comes from how it harmonises its large and small elements, its construction, location and design.

People are increasingly aware of how important interior design is. Combined with striking architecture, it creates a sense of bespokeness and originality.

From an investment viewpoint, these qualities are always going to be attractive.

If you make the person occupying the property feel special simply by being present, then what you’ve got is something of huge, potentially timeless, value.

The Privileged Moment

Privilege is a powerful driver, and it can be a very positive feeling. This is the key to the success of the boutique property. It is a limited edition, and it is specific to its location.

These are qualities that create a sense of privilege in the person who is present at the property, and gratitude that you can be present in such locations.

In this sense, investing in a boutique property is investing in a set of emotions as much as it is in bricks, mortar and interiors.

That strength of feeling will always be attractive to investors.