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Business Rates – Could you reduce your financial costs?

Business Rates – Could you reduce your financial costs?

If you’re a small business and are not taking advantage of business rates relief then it could be time to consult a business rates specialist. Business owners and commercial property management companies are always calling for the Government to revise policies which they say are stifling economic growth.

Reforms, such as rate relief for small businesses and changes to empty space relief have not helped business growth enough says Paul Giness, director of Manchester-based property and business ratings specialists, The Beattie Partnership.

“The extension of rates relief for small businesses applies to less than one per cent of the smallest businesses in the UK,” he said. “If any of those businesses start to grow they then find themselves hit with a huge rates bill, so as soon as they start to prosper, they are penalised for it. As commercial property surveyors we have seen this a lot over the last few years.

Paul added: “Small businesses actually managing to grow in the current economy are the essential key to reviving it. The Government needs to build a more supportive system which actually fosters the growth of small businesses, not stifles it.”

Business rates are one of the biggest outgoings for many businesses but many small firms are still paying over the odds when they could be benefitting from the Government’s business rates relief scheme.

If your business has a multi-property portfolio and doesn’t qualify for the relief The Beattie Partnership can still help. Their professional rating surveyors can assess your commercial property to ensure your current rates are accurate and fair. They will negotiate with the Valuation Office to try to reduce them if potential savings are identified.

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