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Businesses – Are you on board with the text revolution?

OFCOM recently reported in their Communications Market Report, “Text-based communications are surpassing home calls or meeting face to face as the most frequent ways of keeping in touch for UK adults.”

The report showed that, “The average UK consumer now sends 50 texts per week which has more doubled in four years with over 150 billion text messages sent in 2011.” With over two decades experience in telecoms, Ian Hilton, Director of North West-based telecoms provider, TechAdvance has been reflecting on how businesses can utilise the current trend by using texts.

OFCOM’s reports highlighted that even though people still prefer to communicate face-to-face, mobile phones are one of the driving forces, with two fifths of adults now owning a smart-phone and using it as their primary access point to the Internet; while for the first time ever, calls from a mobile outnumbered calls from a landline. But it’s the text revolution that is most prominent, with the average Briton now sending around 50 texts per week.

It was recently reported that ‘the sender pays’ model is one of the key reasons why text in businesses fails, and they need to look for more real-world applications. Among these are for monitoring, information, notification or as a security key.

Ian Hilton has had first-hand experience of successfully implementing this technology, and believes embracing texts are the way forward.

Ian stated: “The ability to integrate text messaging simply provides an opportunity for organisations to communicate effectively using a technology that we are all very familiar with and comfortable with. We are seeing a growing interest from people wanting to send and receive text messages from their PC, email, or database applications.”

He continued: “Texts can be used in all sorts of ways to help both your customers and workforce, such as keeping in touch with your off site staff or for reminding your customers about appointments. It is often used by Healthcare, Education, service and support providers, and many different direct sales and marketing applications.”

Property Aspects magazine thanks Ian Hilton for assistance with compiling this article. For more help and advice with your telecoms, contact Ian via Tel: 0845 389 2311 or E-Mail: