Can a Green and Pleasant Office bring in Business?

Office PlantsThe message is getting through to companies that corporate image is an important factor if businesses are to prosper.

Plants in an office not only make a good impression on customers, but they make the office a more pleasant place to work – but only if they are healthy and well cared for.

Think about a customer visiting your office. If the reception area is stark and depressing, and the receptionist unenthusiastic then this immediately creates a bad impression.

While it is understandable that firms are unwilling to spend money on what they may see as luxury items, investing a small amount in presenting an attractive face to your customers could pay substantial returns.

Plant expert Butch Deedman owner of Deedman Tropical Plants said: “Research indicates that living plants greatly improve staff morale, and can combat the effects of Sick Building syndrome. Staff working with computers all day will particularly benefit.”

He Continued: “If you want an office to be proud of, don’t try and go it alone – ask someone with the expertise to help – it will be cheaper in the long run and far less trouble. Large sums of money are spent each year on plants that are unsuitable for the environment they are being introduced to.”

Companies are turning to specialist interior landscape professionals, who can advise on suitable plants for each specific location, provide healthy, thriving plants on a permanent rental basis, and look after them for you.

Deedman’s is a family run business which has been operating for over 35 years and is one of the pioneers of the interior plant industry.

They provide living and replica plant schemes to enliven and inspire dull office environments throughout the UK. The plants are all maintained on a monthly service contract with Deedmans. They supply to a wide range of retail, leisure and commercial businesses.

If you would like any advice on Plant for your office, then you can contact Butch Deedman at Deedman Tropical Plant Specialists. For more details call 01204 577000 or email