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Can commercial landlords benefit from an increasing trend in new eco technologies for use in commercial property?

commercial landlordsThe future is inexorably green, and the drive towards eco friendly technologies is undoubtedly influenced by the visible cost-effectiveness of ‘going green’.

The UK government has forecast consistent rises in annual energy prices, with estimates varying at anything between 12% up to 17% per annum.

Additionally, the UK is committed to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, which aims at reductions in carbon emissions of up to 1.2 million tonnes per year up to 2020. The scheme has leant weight to the marketplace in energy-efficient goods and services.

The benefits to commercial landlords of operating a green space are growing ever more clear. Evidence exists to suggest tenants will pay higher rents for efficient buildings, with an emphasis on the positive image working in such environmentally friendly surrounds can have on how businesses are perceived.

Owners can also enhance yields year on year as occupancy rates rise and carbon reductions and lower energy bills often offset the initially high level of investment and outlay at the beginning of a tenancy over the longer period of occupancy.

Additionally, poorly performing buildings will attract penalties under Government directives to encourage energy efficiency.

So what technologies exist to help commercial landlords get maximum benefit from the UK’s emergent eco-friendly trends?

Gary Brandwood, Commercial Business Manager at Renewables4Business said

‘Really its this simple; by providing them with solutions that reduce long-term energy bills. Solar panel systems, for example, can offer clean and free electricity, reducing clients energy bills and offering profits via the Department of Energy and Climate Change ‘Feed-in Tariff’ scheme, which incentivises commercial landlords to switch to solar power by offsetting electricity costs generated by solar panel systems.

Property Aspects appreciates the contribution to this article from Gary Brandwood of Renewables 4 Business. Renewables 4 Business offer an extensive level of experience with over 10 years’ experience of delivering energy saving and renewable energy solutions to various industry sectors.

For an more information on how to reduce your carbon emissions, please contact Gary Brandwood directly at Renewables4Business on 01925 764586.