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peer to peer groups

Are Peer to Peer Groups Essential for Property Development?

After 20 years in property development, it’s a bold move to make a career change. Just ask Robin Hayhurst, who took the leap into...

office design combats anxiety

Does Your Office Design Combat Post-Lockdown Anxiety?

Employers are adapting to their doors being open to staff, as well as the general public. What should they do to reduce employees suffering...

going the extra mile

Where is the Value in Going the Extra Mile?

Looking after customers and clients is one of the pillars of success for any business. Whilst most companies recognise the duty of care and...

shared workspace

Can Shared Workspace Offer SMEs Room to Grow?

One of the things many smaller businesses must deal with is a sense of isolation. For sole traders especially, running things yourself can...

property professionals

Can Property Professionals Improve Their Position in the Marketplace?

The property and construction sector is a very traditional sector. Product and safety training may be high on the list of priorities but...