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reduce waste

Are Property Developers Doing Enough to Reduce Waste?

Protecting the environment is a major consideration that we all cannot ignore. While, commercially, businesses are becoming far more aware...

office plants

Are Office Plants Improving Employee Wellbeing?

You don’t have to be an environmental psychologist to understand that office plants can look eye-catching and welcoming.  When...

loss assessors property claim

Is There Any Value in Appointing Loss Assessors?

Every business-minded person knows that to succeed in business you need to have the confidence to let go occasionally, and allow somebody...


Could BREEAM Improve Efficiency With Multiple Projects?

BREEAM (Building Research Environmental Assessment Method) is an international scheme designed to provide impartial third-party...

landscape architecture

Could Landscape Architecture Improve Building Concepts?

Location is often cited as being a decisive factor in determining a property’s market value. Certainly, in the domestic housing market,...