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Is CCTV Really Securing Your Vacant Property?

Is CCTV Really Securing Your Vacant Property?

Statistics show that crimes, including fly-tipping, metal theft and squatting continue to rise, with vacant properties far more vulnerable.  The Office for National Statistics reports that metal theft alone is estimated to cost the UK economy £770m per year .

Using digital technology to offer electronic surveillance, recording and even live interaction, CCTV cameras in the UK provide a deterrent and security for all types of vacant sites, premises and properties.

With reports suggesting that private CCTV cameras outnumber public cameras by 70:1, is there a fear that not all installations are fully securing properties?

Property Aspects Magazine spoke with Michael Knibbs, Managing Director of SafeSite Security Solutions, to determine what you should look for, when buying and installing CCTV cameras, to safeguard your vacant property.


The Right Camera

“Different types of cameras, their housing and how they are installed may vary depending on their surveillance purpose and location,” Michael continues, “These include:

  • Fixed Cameras
    “These focus on specific areas, such as vulnerable access points”
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras
    “These cameras offer remote positioning to achieve better angles for viewing and zooming in on subjects.


The capabilities of different PTZ cameras depends on individual specification, which vary according to the cost and size of the camera.”

Michael Knibbs, SafeSite Security Solutions


  • Bullet Cameras
    “Both fixed or adjustable bullet cameras, benefit from a bullet-shaped housing which promotes improved image quality, particularly across long distances.”
  • C-mount Cameras
    “Most CCTV cameras record up to distances of about 35 ft, but the enhanced lens specifications of C-mount cameras allow focusing across distances greater than 40 ft.”
  • Dome Cameras
    “Named after the shape of their housing and designed so the orientation of the camera isn’t generally visible, dome cameras are commonly found indoors.”


Footage and Features

“The features, different cameras offer, influence the footage the system may capture, and how it can be viewed,” Michael points out.  “These include:

  • Remote Monitoring
    “This enables a direct view of what the camera sees, but without the need to be onsite to monitor.”
  • IP Mapability
    “IP cameras include megapixel technology and can connect to the web for online monitoring.”
  • High Definition (HD)
    HD analog cameras support high quality images, particularly useful for viewing online and when recording footage for evidence and identification purposes.
  • Weather Resistance
    “Weather resistance affects both the hardware – durability – of the CCTV system and also the quality of images,”


“Camera systems carry a waterproof rating, with a rating of around 65 being particularly suitable for wet weather locations”

Michael Knibbs, SafeSite Security Solutions


  • Infrared / Night Vision
    “An active deterrent against anti-social and criminal behaviour, night vision CCTV is essential for monitoring property at increased risk after dark.”
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    WDR capability, a feature of IP cameras, balances out light in areas which are mixed – for instance when brightly lit areas cast shadows elsewhere.
  • Adjustability
    “Adjustability is important, depending on the location and areas to be covered,” suggests Michael.”Adjustability varies, from fixed camera focus in one position, to multi-positioning afforded by PTZ cameras, allowing surveillance over wider areas.”
  • Recording
    “The high visibility deterrent of CCTV, with monitoring in real-time, is enhanced by recording capability,” Michael says.


“Recording footage is particularly useful for evidence-gathering to support legal action or an insurance claim”

Michael Knibbs, SafeSite Security Solutions


“There are many options to consider when it comes purchasing and installing CCTV cameras,” Michael concludes.  “It is crucial that you seek professional help when doing so, to ensure that you have the right level of security to protect your property”

To discuss the options for strengthening the security at your property, please call SafeSite Security Solutions on 0330 108 0498 or visit