Hope & Williams Loss Assessors assist Widnes warehouse owners after devastating fire

Fire damage? - Best to get help from a professional loss assessor

North West Loss Assessors Hope & Williams have been instructed to act for the owners of a recycling warehouse that was destroyed in a serious fire over the weekend.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service attended to fight the fire, which is believed to have started some time after 9pm on Sunday evening 21st October at Johnsons Lane, Widnes.

Richard Hope from Hope & Williams’s Manchester office is acting for the client as claims consultant in yet another high-profile project for the North West firm.

The fire started in the warehouse, which contains recycling plastics and paper then spread to two neighbouring units which also contain recycled products.

Fire crews with as many as fifteen engines continued to deal with the aftermath of what is considered a serious blaze. They claimed the fire had affected neighbouring businesses also, with some wagons and a sandwich van destroyed.

Warehouse fires such as this are fairly common, especially where large volumes of flammable materials such as paper and plastics are stored on site.

Richard Hope, director of the Manchester-based professional loss assessors, said: “With a case like this where fire and smoke has caused catastrophic damage, the process of assessing the true cost of the damage and then negotiating with your insurance company can be intimidating”. “It is advisable to immediately contact a Loss Assessor before you make your claim”.

Anyone affected by fire damage should contact Richard Hope on Tel 08448 223643

or by email at: rh@hopeandwilliams.co.uk

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