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Cleaning and Landscape Maintenance in These Critical Times

What are people looking for nowadays from a cleaning and landscape maintenance company?

Is it just a low-cost option they are wanting in the present climate? Or is it worth them contracting someone who may charge a little more but who delivers a consistently quality service?

We asked Kevin Millar, the Managing Director of Hawthorn Estates Ltd, what he thought. He is the building surveyor within the Hawthorn Estates operation who, first and foremost, takes care of the concerns of his clients.

“Quite a few would be initially tempted with ‘low cost’ but for us at Hawthorn Estates, we look to provide good value for our customers – and that means looking at the bigger picture”.

During the summer months, a retail or business park that has shrub or garden areas, there is a lot of growth that needs to be ‘tamed’ or the site can quickly be overgrown leading to an accumulation of litter and possible attempts of people hiding in high shrubs intent on muggings or other unwanted activities.

What can happen with the ‘low cost’ quotes is that the job is only partly done and at the end of the growing season an extra cut is needed for the shrubs that didn’t get proper attention during the year.

Landscape maintenance and cleaning are only really noticed when they are done badly, that is exactly how it should be. After all, when your clients come to see you, their focus should be on your products and services, not on how messy your car park and premises look.

Kevin added: “At Hawthorn Estates we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive set of services to make sure that your premises, both inside and outside, give the best first impression for visitors and a comfortable work environment for staff”.

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