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Commercial Property: Can it ever be hassle-free?

Commercial Property: Can it ever be hassle-free?

Commercial property searches can be a headache, especially if the area in which you intend to re-locate your business is unfamiliar.

One of the biggest concerns to businesses when they search for new commercial property premises is whether the property is in a good condition or is likely to entail a hefty annual maintenance bill. It’s important that the rental charge offered matches the condition of the property. However if you have no experience in commercial property, negotiating a more favourable price can be tricky.

Much of the anxiety that comes with sourcing commercial property can be avoided by appointing a professional property management company to take on that responsibility for you.

Experienced property managers will filter what’s available, so that you’re only presented with the best options. They will also carry out comprehensive vetting of the premises in question on your behalf to ensure there are no nasty surprises with the building later down the line.

Manchester-based commercial property management company Knight Site Solutions Ltd delivers the full range of pre-acquisition surveys needed for commercial property. They will look at traditional property issues such as subsidence and movement, contamination, rising damp, general defects and roofing problems.

Any issues, depending on whether the business wishes to move forward with the property, will have a bearing on the value of rent that should be paid. The firm’s highly skilled consultations will negotiate this as part of their service.

Peter Knight, Director of Knight Morris, said: “As a business owner, it’s normal to want to take control and responsibility for every aspect of your company but commercial property acquisition can be both complex and time-consuming and will be more successful if left in the hands of a company with the skills and expertise to ensure a smooth transaction.

“Surveys are a vital part of any property acquisition but there are many building surveyors out there competing for work. We work with a highly professional team of surveyors who can be trusted to carry out thorough property inspections which will give you advanced warning of any renovation work required.

He concluded: This will ultimately safeguard your investment whether temporary or long-term and give you the information you require to make that all-important decision.”