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Where is the Value in Construction Industry Coaching?

Where is the Value in Construction Industry Coaching?

The global coaching industry is growing bigger every year. Valued at $15 billion in 2019, the industry has grown exponentially to offer everything from improved staff satisfaction to sales consulting.

“What’s most important is not to tar all coaching with the same brush,” says Robin Hayhurst, CEO of Property Project Consultants.

“Not all coaches are created equal. Some business coaches may not have owned a business, go on a course, then go off to find clients,” says Robin. “Others may have lived and breathed the successes and failures of business”

A healthy amount of cynicism is fine in such an overcrowded industry. With so many self-confessed experts, it can be difficult for business owners to find the right coach. So what is the solution?

Look for Industry Experience

Robin, who has run property development companies for 20 years and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Building, says it’s important to work with an industry professional.

“I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, and I can use those to guide others.”

Robin moved into coaching in March 2020, citing the adversarial nature of the construction industry as a key motivator.

“There is too much competition nowadays, and we face more challenges than ever with health and safety, red tape, and of course, the pandemic”

Robin Hayhurst, Property Projects Consultants

He’s now turning his attentions towards helping people, and feels that only solid industry experience can help business owners take the next step.

“I’ve been a member of many peer to peer groups in my time, but there are very few which are industry-focused,” he adds.

A Recipe for Long-term Success

“Generally, business owners do not wake up in the morning and realise they need a coach. They might not even understand what business coaching is, and confuse it with life coaching,” suggests Robin.

“If you want your business to be a long-term success, it needs to be able to adapt to changes that happen within your market over time

Robin Hayhurst, Property Projects Consultants

“It is vital that you spend time working on the company rather than in it.”

With that in mind, Robin launched a peer to peer group, specifically for contractors, sub-contractors and property developers.

“The two-hour Zoom sessions will bring together industry professionals who can share their wisdom and help each other solve problems,” explains Robin.

“Whether you are benefitting from a one-on-one coaching relationship or a group session, you need to speak with people who have had relevant experience.”

“I cannot tell you how many mistakes I could have avoided if I’d had these sessions sooner,” Robin concludes. “Now, I’ll use those mistakes to coach others towards success.”

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