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Could your business prosper in Manchester City Centre?

Manchester is a world-class city which offers people a great place to live, work, visit and, critically, a fantastic environment for business.

Manchester has cemented its place as Britain’s most prosperous city after its population grew by a fifth over the last decade.

The Census has revealed Manchester’s 19 per cent population growth to be almost three times more than the national average. It shows that the number of 20 to 30-year-olds coming to the city has soared, with 123,600 living here compared to 78,301 10 years ago.

The Census, taken last year, records Manchester’s population as 503,100 – an increase of 80,400 since the last survey in 2001. It is the third biggest rise in England – and the biggest percentage growth for a city – behind the London boroughs of Newham and Tower Hamlets.

The council says the figures show it’s regeneration efforts have transformed Manchester into a thriving place to live and work. Experts say the huge increase is due to a hike in the number of people travelling from other parts of the country to study and work in Manchester, as well as people coming to the city from Europe and elsewhere.

Manchester council leader Sir Richard Leese said: “A growing population reflects a thriving city so it is excellent news that more people are seeing the attractions of Manchester as a place to work, live and invest”. “Manchester had undergone a long period of population decline but the reversal of this trend in the last decade is a testament to the way the city has established itself as a world-class international city. Population growth brings with it many opportunities but the challenge ahead is to ensure that we have the services and infrastructure which meet the needs of the growing population so that the city can reach its full potential”.

Check out this VIDEO of Manchester which highlights one interesting building

The video, whilst showing off one particular Grade II listed city centre property, also highlights some of the city’s commercial property landscape, the social aspects of business life in the city centre and the transport infrastructure that provide a massive benefit for businesses located in the centre of Manchester.