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Could your savings work harder? An Overseas Property Investment could help

You’ve worked hard all your life and would relish the opportunity of more leisure time to indulge in your favourite hobbies whether this is travelling the globe, playing more golf or dining in nice restaurants. More and more people approaching retirement are understandably reluctant to give up the lifestyle they have become accustomed to during their working life but securing a comfortable financial future requires careful planning and shrewd investment decisions if you are going to reap the full benefits of your savings or pension.

As private pensions continue to weaken and the economy shows little sign of recovering any time soon, many retirees are turning to overseas property as an investment opportunity to secure a brighter financial future.

Overseas investment properties are suitable for and can be purchased using your Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). A SIPP pension is a personal pension invested by the individual or on the behalf of the individual by a fund manager who decides how their pension fund should be invested. This type of pension gives you much more control over how and where your money is invested including overseas property. Similarly, a 100% finance equity release scheme will also allow you to release the money tied up in your home and invest this in an overseas property which will work harder for you in the long-term and allow you to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Chris Jones, Principal Advisor with overseas property investment specialists Positive Plus, said: “In the current climate, pensions are causing a great deal of anxiety and concern, especially for those people who have left them alone assuming they are performing well to discover exactly the opposite is true.

“So many people’s pensions are failing miserably in their current funds and too many people are still unaware of the fact or unwilling to do anything to change it.

“Many of the property opportunities available overseas have limited risk factors as they are completely self-financed with absolutely no creditors. It is encouraging to hear people are becoming more aware of potential financial challenges they could face in the future, particularly as we have a proposition that may be able to help them repay debts and increase their standard of living in retirement.”

Positive Plus is a firm of property investment specialists working in conjunction with Independent Financial Advisers and specialist SIPP providers to offer a meaningful service to private investors.

The overseas property investment experts work with Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Group which specialise in the creation of luxury spa resorts with properties ranging from studio apartments to six-bedroom luxury villas in some of the best locations in the Caribbean. The properties are all sold off-plan at well below market value and are freehold, offering excellent potential for high capital appreciation and incredible rental income opportunities.

We were kindly helped by Chris Jones from in writing this article