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Data Installation: Crucial to Your Business Continuity?

Data Installation: Crucial to Your Business Continuity?

White collar, office work seems far removed from physical, hands-on industry. The huge growth in electronic data storage and cloud-based computing has created spacious, largely uncluttered environments. But there are still the physical aspects of data installation to consider.

You may have a service provider and managed IT, but somewhere in your workplace there is the very real presence of cables and connections that enable all this connectivity to happen.

The Importance of Your Data Installation

“If IT is the engine room of most businesses, the actual working parts that cause this engine to function properly have to be correctly installed and maintained,” explains Nick Walls of Manchester-based, Walls Data & Electrical. “The robustness and correctness of this physical installation is absolutely vital to ensure business continuity and data security”.

Downtime is something most businesses have to deal with, along with other IT-related problems. At the same time that software and IT design have boosted business they have also massively increased its dependency on technology.

“The cost to a business when its continuity is interrupted through system downtime can be considerable”, Nick continues.


“The failure of a critical application might result in a loss of data, which in turn may have a significant financial, legal and reputational impact on the business”

Nick Walls, Walls Data & Electrical


In some business sectors, there are strict rules of compliance around third party data providers, because certain safeguards have to be in place due to the sensitivity of data.

“Business continuity is a major issue”, explains Nick. “Having the right data installation is a large part of ensuring that data is accessible and recoverable”.

“People forget about the wires in the cupboard”, concludes Nick, “until the time comes when they’ve got an undiagnosed network problem. Then it can come down to whether the physical data installation is up to the job, to meet the demands being placed on it.  A sound data installation equates to reliable data access.”


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