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Are Property Developers Doing Enough to Reduce Waste?

Are Property Developers Doing Enough to Reduce Waste?

Protecting the environment is a major consideration that we all cannot ignore.

While, commercially, businesses are becoming far more aware of the impact that their waste is having on the environment, are property developers doing their bit?

“Property developers are now more aware of the environment and should take this into consideration when hiring businesses,” explains Ryan Tetley, Operations Director from Magnum Opus Repairs.

Some of this awareness has been forced upon developers due to the huge expense of sending waste to landfill and recycling centres.

Reduce Plastic Waste

“Developers are far more aware of the impact that plastic has on the environment,” says Ryan. “This means that they don’t have to skip something like a uPVC door or window, which takes forever to break down, just because it has a scratch or hole in it.”

Working on new-build developments, as well as looking after social housing properties, Magnum Opus’ aim is to carry out hard surface repairs on site to make them look as good as new, to reduce waste and costs.

“By repairing on site, we keep delays, disruption and cost – usually 450 per cent less than replacing with new – to a minimum for developers.”

“We prevent tens of thousands of kilograms of waste going to landfill every year by repairing on site, rather than replacing items such as windows, doors, flooring, baths and worktops”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

“Magnum Opus Repairs are helping property developers to do their bit to protect the environment,” concludes Ryan. “Are their other contractors and partners doing the same?”

To discover how Magnum Opus Repairs could reduce delays, disruption, cost and, as importantly, reduce waste on your development, please call 0330 133 0444 or visit

Magnum Opus Repairs works at a variety of sites across the UK and is currently helping put the finishing touches to some of Manchester’s new skyscrapers, which you can read about here.

Mike Crutchley is a journalist and newspaper editor with more than 20 years in the industry with local, regional and national media. He now runs the PR firm Mike Crutchley Media.