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Digital HR software: Giving time back to business owners

Digital HR software: Giving time back to business owners

For people running small to medium-sized businesses, there is often a myriad of different tasks that take up most of their time, such as accounting, team management and all the other admin that comes with having a business. For many, this can be frustrating as it may feel as though managing a business gets in the way of actually doing business. This can be especially true for blue-collar operations with a field-based workforce that is consistently in different locations at different times.

“When people are working different shifts across different sites, building a picture of who’s where and what they’re doing can be difficult and time-consuming, but these days it doesn’t need to be,” explains Debbie Mosley, founder of Dêmos HR Solutions. “Our HR software is really helpful for businesses that have a lot of field-based staff, such as facilities and waste management companies.”

Excelling with software

Debbie believes that one of the best ways for business owners and managers to get more time out of their working hours is to make basic business processes more efficient, which in many cases can be done by simply going digital.

Communication is key and software takes out a lot of the time that goes into filing and checking the paperwork that’s usually associated with running a field-based operation, issuing contracts, memos, paperwork and taking e-signatures can speed up a lot of HR processes and it also makes the filing system much more efficient as well, which can save time in the long run.

On top of the usual day-to-day processes, keeping on top of people’s annual leave, and even approving holiday requests is one of the most time-consuming and paper-based activities there is. By using software with an easy to use company holiday calendar, managers can easily approve and manage the employee’s annual leave.

Debbie Mosley, Dêmos HR Solutions

Debbie Mosley, Dêmos HR Solutions.

Long-term benefits

As well as saving time in the short term, there are other long term benefits for businesses that adapt to using HR software.

“The HR software system we use is specifically designed for SMEs with less than 250 members of staff – and there are many reporting tools that come with it,” says Debbie. “For example, you can build a better picture of employee absences and the cost of those absences.”

“You can also monitor your starters and leavers, which will help determine whether you have a staff turnover issue. In some cases business owners might not even realise they have an issue, but once you’ve identified it you can work to solve it, which could save a lot of time and money in the future.”

To find out more about how digital HR software can help make your business more efficient, email Debbie at or call 07974695365.

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