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Do you want to make a hassle-free insurance claim?

Do you want to make a hassle-free insurance claim?

Ever needed to make an Insurance Claim? Seeing your business damaged by fire or flood is probably one of the most traumatic and stressful events you will ever face. The emotional consequences can be long lasting and can affect a business owner’s ability to concentrate amid such widespread disruption.

With so much to organise and salvage, the hassle of dealing with your insurance claim only heightens the stress and for that reason it is much wiser to consult a commercial loss assessor specialist who can take on this burden for you.

Dealing with insurance claim handlers requires clear thinking as past experience shows they will do absolutely everything to wriggle out of paying up. With so much chaos to deal with, you’ll not have the time or vigour to negotiate a tricky fire insurance claim.

The long-term future of businesses are often put at risk when fire strikes and a professional loss assessor can get the ball rolling early to aid survival. This will involve negotiating interim payments to maintain cash flow and cover emergency costs such as moving to temporary accommodation, replacement office equipment or machinery and staff wages.

A professional loss assessor will also accurately assess the loss experienced by your firm, taking account of hidden variables such as loss of profit and business interruption.

Geoff Williams, director of the North West’s leading professional loss adjustors, said: “Making a commercial fire insurance claim is rarely a straightforward matter and can place undue stress on a business owner at a time when they’ve already witnessed the destruction or partial destruction of their business.

“Not only can a commercial loss assessor take on this burden for them and free up their time so they can concentrate on the more pressing aspects of getting their business up and running again, we’re more likely to be successful at achieving a payout that reflects the full extent of the fire damage.

“It’s important for businesses to remember that by appointing a professional loss assessor, you are appointing someone to represent you. In much the same way as a lawyer, we will fight your case and ensure your fire insurance claim is watertight so the insurers have no means of escape”.

He added: “This will not only save you precious time, it will also significantly reduce the anxiety and sleepless nights you’ll otherwise face by looking after it yourself.”