Does extreme weather show the need to plan for climate change?

The chairman of the Environment Agency, Lord Chris Smith says Britain needs to plan now for more erratic, unpredictable and extreme weather.

For some parts of England the driest 16 months on record has been followed by the wettest Summer for many years, seeing many rivers rise to unprecedented levels.

The extreme weather has gone from hosepipe bans, low reservoirs, depleted groundwater’s and dried up rivers to the wettest April, May and June ever recorded, with over 3,000 properties being flooded since the start of May.

Lord Smith says that the recent weather is typical of the kind of weather we should expect to see more frequently. Climate change science tells us that these are the sort of weather patterns we are going to have to get used to, so taking action today to prepare and adapt our homes, businesses, and infrastructure is vital.

With this in mind: Has Extreme weather forced climate change up the corporate agenda?

Climate change remains a top priority for businesses, as growing numbers attempt to develop strategies for managing direct climate change impacts.

Jill Jones Director at North West Based Environmental Consultants Peak Associates said: “Even with progress year on year, the reality is the level of corporate and national ambition on emissions reduction is nowhere near what is required”.

“The new ‘normal’ for businesses is a period of high. uncertainty, subdued growth and volatile commodity prices. If the regulatory certainty that tips significant long-term investment decisions doesn’t come soon, businesses’ ability to plan and act, particularly around energy, supply chain and risk could be anything but ‘normal'”.

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