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Does Your Electrical Contractor Reduce Business Disruption?

Does Your Electrical Contractor Reduce Business Disruption?

Electrical failures costs UK companies millions of pounds in lost business every  year.  Many of these faults are avoidable if the equipment and installations are part of a frequent maintenance programme with a professional electrical contractor.

Commercial premises, large and small, require regular health checks.  This ensures that electrical installations work safely and correctly, to safeguard employees.  

They also pinpoint any weaknesses which could cause major disruption to business later down the line.

Safeguarding Your Business

Although maintenance is a statutory duty in business, it’s worth going beyond the minimum requirements if your business relies heavily on installations in order to function.

Establishing a contract with a reputable electrical contractor, providing you with a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme, will save you money in the long-run

It will also give you peace of mind that the systems you rely on to maintain workflow and production are less likely to suddenly fail you.

Peace of Mind

Office environments depend on electrical installations such as lighting and computers – especially vast networks – to protect workflow.

To ensure business continuity, electrical contractors should include:

  • Carrying out visual inspections, or perform infrared thermography (a non-intrusive way of examining equipment for faults)
  • Noting Safety Code violations and hazardous conditions
  • Troubleshooting, to identify the reason for any problems

As a bare minimum, electrical contractors should maintain emergency exit lighting to make sure that offices remain illuminated, in the event of a power outage.

As far as electrical maintenance is concerned, it is far better and cheaper to be proactive, as opposed to reactive.

There are no guarantees that you will never need to call out your electrical contractor in a crisis but a good maintenance programme will significantly reduce the probability

If you want to discover how to safeguard your business from an electrical crisis, contact your local, reliable, electrical contractor.