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Employment law and the construction sector – Don't get caught out by changes!

Recent changes to employment law have been condemned by trade unions as creating a ‘hire and fire’ culture.

In April this year the qualifying period for unfair dismissal increased from one to two years’ continuous employment. It is part of a package of measures being introduced by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, to encourage the early resolution of disputes, speed up the tribunal process and tackle weak and vexatious claims.

The changes are expected to cut the number of unfair dismissal claims each year. But the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has raised fears that the move will increase job insecurity, discriminate younger workers and part-time women workers.

The TUC also argued that the change was not a top priority for business, quoting the Small Business Barometer commissioned by BIS and published last October.
Asked what the biggest obstacles to success were, 45 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses cited the state of the economy, 12 per cent problems with obtaining finance from the banks, followed by taxation, cash flow and competition. Just six per cent of small businesses listed regulation, or “red tape”, as their main barrier to growth.

Consultants at P3 People Management, Manchester’s leading HR consultancy, can advise on all aspects of employment law, which by its very nature is always changing. Charlotte Gallagher, managing director of P3 People Management, Manchester’s leading HR consultancy, deal with businesses in the property and construction sector in particular, said: “Understanding and implementing these new changes can be incredibly difficult and time consuming for bosses – and businesses are actuely aware of the ever present threat of employment tribunals. Employment law can be a minefield for employees, but it is essential that it is understood and implemented”.

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