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Estate Agents: Are You Reaping Content Marketing Rewards?

Estate Agents: Are You Reaping Content Marketing Rewards?

Your presence on property portals, your website, and your shop front are all vital parts of your marketing strategy.  But are you making the most of content marketing?

At its simplest, it is about providing content that informs and entertains.  When shared on social media it drives traffic back to your websites or microsites, where visitors leave data footprints.


Where is the Value in Content Marketing?

“The lifeblood of estate and letting agencies is selling and letting properties,” explains Stuart Walton, of Get Pro Copy, specialist writer for the property sector.


“A strong content marketing strategy will increase site visitors and encourage them to leave personal details via a contact form, live chat or a chat bot, which you and your team can follow up with”

Stuart Walton, Get Pro Copy


Articles and editorials not only accelerate web traffic but also improve SEO, as it is widely recognised that Google rewards fresh and unique content.

“The advantages of providing new content often leads to financial rewards too,” suggests Stuart.  “Readers who absorb your blog posts and share them are likely to become what Seth Godin calls ‘followers‘, in his book ‘Tribes‘.  High quality content creates tribes of followers.”

Stephen Thorpe of Hogan’s Estate Agents in Leeds sees the value in content:  “We see content marketing as a long term strategy, but it is one that is reaping rewards for us now.”


“By introducing a content strategy, we have seen our reach on social media increase, engagement improve and our bounce rate on two websites dramatically reduce.”

Stephen Thorpe, Hogan’s Estate Agents


What Content Works Best For Estate Agents?

“Content needs to be fresh and engaging, up-to-date and informative,”  Stuart advises.  “It must also have intrinsic value for its readers.”

“No one wants to be sold to in blog posts, and the enlightened estate agents I work with have recognised this point,” Stuart continues. “As a former estate agent, I understand the level of competition within the industry. Portals sell properties. Content marketing supplies them.”


“High quality content that informs, engages and entertains, shared consistently in the right places will lead to greater trust of your estate agency and will reap commercial rewards

Stuart Walton, Get Pro Copy


“Your content has limited impact if it is not seen,” concludes Stuart, with an air of caution.  “Any content marketing strategy needs to be coupled with a robust social media marketing plan to encourage its success.”

To discover how content can reap rewards for your estate or letting agency, please call Get Pro Copy on 01493 445737 or visit