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Where is the Value in Going the Extra Mile?

Where is the Value in Going the Extra Mile?

Looking after customers and clients is one of the pillars of success for any business. Whilst most companies recognise the duty of care and good customer service that’s expected of them, there are some that continue to aim higher than what’s expected.

In a time that is proving to be particularly difficult for everyone, it could prove more important than ever for businesses to support their customers – and in turn, the end client.

But what does it actually mean to go the extra mile and how can it help your business grow?

Stepping Up to the Challenge

Property Aspects Magazine spoke to Ryan Tetley, Managing Director of Magnum Opus Repairs, a company that specialises in hard-surface repairs. Ryan explained how his company have been working closely with the social housing sector.

“During these difficult times, we are part of a consolidated effort to provide more homes for people facing financial difficulties,” explains Ryan.

“We have always worked with the social housing sector to ensure that houses are fit for purpose before new tenants move in.”

“Where we are usually given 4 weeks to finish a job, we have successfully adjusted our turnaround time to 2 weeks, to assist people and businesses impacted by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

“Because we are committed to our clients, we decided to step up and we are now getting twice as many orders from the sector.”

This is only one example of Ryan’s approach to running his business and, despite it being particularly relevant to current events, he believes that this way of working is the key to success.

The Payoff

“Customer care isn’t just about securing a profit, it’s about likeability. It’s about making friends and going above and beyond.”

“This is how we’ve managed to keep the contracts we’ve had,” Ryan continues.

“I worked for three repair companies before since starting my own and, in most cases, you’ll work with a client and never see them again. But with us, we are going to the same contractor more or less every week.”

“The reason why we’re doing so well and why we’ve grown so fast is based on the quality of the repairs, the team that we have and the level of service we provide,” Ryan concludes.

To discover how Magnum Opus Repairs can provide quality and value, and go the extra mile for your property portfolio or development, please call 0330 133 0444 or visit

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