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Fire safety – Is it a consideration when choosing window security?

Fire Safety - Window security is important

Window security is critical when considering fire safety

Fire may be one of humankind’s greatest discoveries, but it is also one of our most dangerous. Although deaths from fire have fallen in the past quarter of a century, injuries are on the rise and it has never been more important to make your home and business safe from fire risk, and easy to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Fire safety is as important in the workplace as it is in the home. Flammable materials and the hectic pace of working life are extra hazards found in offices around the UK. A well-practiced evacuation plan is a must, as is a well-maintained fire alarm system. Tools to fight small fires, such as fire extinguishers and hoses in boldly marked containers should be a given and sprinklers are also a popular option in office blocks.

Fire and Window Safety – Fire shutters

A new trend in fire and window safety is the development of fire shutters. Fire shutters and barriers are designed to prevent the spread of flames from one compartment to another. They block the path of fire and smoke, providing crucial extra evacuation time and limiting property damage, as well as providing invaluable security to a property.

Fire shutters can be seen on many commercial buildings today. They are mostly used for added security to create a versatile, visible and very strong steel wall to stop unwanted visitors entering a property. In the past number of years security manufacturers have taken the next step with Fire technology to develop fire shutter systems, which offers all the values of a traditional shutter but with added fire protection.

Some of the benefits of fire shutter systems are that they offer effective added security and act as a highly visible deterrent, plus unlike fire and smoke curtains, fire shutters are more robust when exposed to extreme climate conditions.

Claire Butler, Commercial Manager at Manchester based “Window Security Solutions said; “Fire detection and prevention technology is constantly evolving and being developed to ensure that the best measures and procedures are in place to protect lives and buildings”.

“We are considering developing a range of fire shutters at Window Security Solutions to meet the need for fire protection within window security products. To this end, we are keen to find out from companies, is fire safety a consideration when choosing window security? If so, what type of products do you purchase?“

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