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Flood claims mistakes 'could prove extremely costly' say Loss Assessors

Victims of flooding in the UK have been warned to be careful about processing their own insurance claims, and seek advice from independent loss assessors to maximise their settlements.

Geoff Williams a loss assessor with Manchester based Cherry and Griffiths said: “There is nothing to stop people processing their own claims, but if they make mistakes, they can be extremely costly”.

Geoff said “The public is not usually familiar with the difference between a loss assessor — an independent professional, working within the terms of your policy to get youa fair settlement — and a loss adjuster, who works for an insurance company, and is not obligated to inform you about any additional cover that you may have”.
He added “For example, the loss adjuster puts through the claim, stating that there is structural damage and water damage to the ground floor and your contents; he is not required to state anything more than that,” he explained.

But the loss assessor may point out other things; water damage in places you hadn’t thought of and in fixtures and fittings; smoke damage upstairs and the smell that goes with it; maybe some of the joists have been weakened or damaged; and he may also point out problems that might occur further down the line,” Mr Williams added.

“The biggest mistake people make is not reading and understanding their policy, and how to determine the extent of the damage, and understanding the value at risk. With regard to floods, you have to look beyond primary issues. The house may be destroyed, but you may also have subsidence, structural damaged, rising damp,” he explained.

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