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Flood Crisis – Cherry & Griffiths assist policyholders in Northern England

Flood Crisis – Cherry & Griffiths assist policyholders in Northern England

Yet again torrential rain has caused flooding across large areas of northern England, with some people being forced to leave their homes and businesses.

The Environment Agency (EA) issued more than 30 flood warnings last weekend.

Some homes in the Lancashire areas of Croston and Darwen were evacuated after nearby rivers burst their banks. Up to 500 properties flooded during the recent floods inNorth-West England. A month’s worth of rain – more than 100mm – fell in the North West and North East in total.

Gareth Williams from Cherry and Griffiths said: “Over the weekend we have had 9 people out and about in flood affected areas offering and providing help to policyholders”.

“Homes and businesses have sewage covered mud all over them but policyholders have not been able to even contact their insurers let alone evoke a reaction from them over the weekend. Most policyholders naturally want to wait to see how their insurers treat them before deciding whether they need our help”.

He continued “Already over 20 policyholders understand how we can help them and we have already arranged for emergency measures to be undertaken whilst we await insurers and their loss adjusters eventually doing something about the disaster which has befallen their policyholders.