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Flood damage – would your business stay afloat?

Flooding, storms and persistent showers have blighted the country in recent weeks putting this June in line to become one of the wettest in 100 years.

You can never be sure when it comes to the weather, but you can be sure you’re in good hands with a Loss Assessor. The sun can be such a nice present from Mother Nature, but what about when there is constant rainfall? A flooding disaster can then occur unexpectedly.

As a business have you ever thought about how this could affect you, do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? If you had to make a claim, where would you start?

With unpredictable weather it’s important to ensure you’ve got your business covered and protected against flooding. It is possible that you think your insurer is on your side and that you have got it covered. Think again!

Geoff Williams, Director of Manchester-based professional loss assessors Cherry and Griffiths, said: “When a business is affected by water damage, there’s more than just the cost of the building at stake. The jobs of staff are often under threat and the livelihoods of a whole string of suppliers. It’s essential that loss estimates are comprehensive and cash recovered as quickly as possible to protect employment and prevent business failure.

“As a business you’ve probably never needed to claim (on this scale) before however our professional loss assessors claim every day – on behalf of other people – so we understand the industry inside and out and will protect your interests to achieve the pay out you deserve”.

Before you pick up the phone to your insurance company for insurance claim advice, contact a Loss Assessor. They will give you the best advice on your situation in preparation for contacting your insurance company.

Setting the claim strategy at the beginning is fundamental to maximizing your settlement. You may end up being on the receiving end of a minimal payout from your insurance company if you don’t contact a Loss Assessor first.