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Should Mortgage Advice be a Free Service?

Should Mortgage Advice be a Free Service?

What is the value in giving something away for free? For many businesses, it is a hook to get people interested, to encourage them to become customers. It is also a proven means of getting noticed. It is a form of investment, and can be a crucial part of a long-term strategy to build a positive brand.

For Grahame R Harwood, however, it means much more.

Grahame is a specialist mortgage advisor, whose interest in his own field of work extends beyond simply providing a set menu of services.

Grahame R Harwood buy to let mortgage expert

Grahame R Harwood

Here, he talks about his ethos, his approach, and the people he has helped with expert mortgage advice and support, when it comes to applying for and managing their mortgages.


Who Do You Turn To?

“There are situations where, unfortunately, people can feel like they have nowhere left to turn. Large banks and building societies can appear very inflexible, even when they are acting in error.”


“I’ve been in situations where individuals feel they simply cannot get across to mortgage providers the details of the issues they face, and suffer unfair treatment as a result”

Grahame R Harwood


“This applies across the board, from families and couples to individuals looking to become property investors.

“In many cases, what they lack is a depth of professional knowledge, because, as non-specialists, they wouldn’t expect to have it. This is where experience and expertise have such key parts to play.”


Mortgage Chains and Risk

“Property chains can be risky, and the longer the chain, the greater the risk increases. Chains do collapse, with on average, 30% of house sales falling through.”


“Grahame is a thought leader in financial services. He works with compassion for his clients and is a model of integrity. He helps others when help is hard to find.”

– Testimonial from Steve Conley, Chartered Financial Planner 


“However, while sometimes there may be nothing you can do to stop a chain breaking, you can limit the chances of this happening.

It’s about being transparent from the start of the process. Where situations occur, there are means of salvaging deals, or rescuing people who find themselves stuck in a mess.”


Why Offer Free Advice?

“Sometimes doing the right thing means looking at how you define yourself professionally, and what sort of a price-tag essential advice should carry.”


“I believe that establishing your integrity in business means being prepared to step outside rigid boundaries of what you consider billable work, because helping people can be priceless”

Grahame R Harwood


“A mortgage is for most people a huge commitment. They’re typically dealing with values they would not normally come across in their daily lives. That’s pressure, and if it’s not something you’re used to, you can find yourself adrift.”


Grahame helped me solve a tricky problem with my mortgage. He clearly has an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market and lenders. With his help, we managed to reduce our monthly payments considerably. I would recommend speaking to Grahame about any financial problems as I have no doubt he will find a way to solve them.”

Testimonial from James Zilz, Construction Director


“There are plenty of business professionals out there who find the whole process of getting a mortgage another drain on their resources, another source of stress they don’t need in their lives.

I see it as my mission to help alleviate these issues, or to prevent situations escalating.”

If you require mortgage advice or want to discover more about the options available to you, please contact Grahame R Harwood:


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