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What are the Key Ways to Improve Garden Security?

What are the Key Ways to Improve Garden Security?

Homeowners are keeping more valuable items in their gardens these days, making them very appealing to burglars, much like vacant properties, that we have previously discussed.

Anything from furniture, plants, bicycles and garden equipment tend to be prime targets for thieves, so what are the key solutions to enhance your garden security and protection. 

Secure Your Gate and Fence 

Your fence is your first line of defence and your aim is to make it as hard as possible to get past.

Don Aviv is a home security expert and has contributed to many publications on the topic. He told The Express, in an interview, that the key is to harden your perimeter which will make a burglar want to go somewhere else.

The recommendation is that your garden gate is the same height as adjoining walls or fences and should be very secure

This means installing a metal gate, which is more secure and more difficult to scale than a wooden one.

Additionally, replace any broken or missing fence panels and consider topping the fence with a trellis to make it difficult to hop over. 

Invest in a Secure Shed

If you have a flimsy wooden shed, or one that is falling apart, putting a secure lock on it might not protect your tools and garden equipment very well. 

Humberside Police’s post on how to ‘Protect Your Home’ recommends that sheds have good quality locks and strong hinges. So, it’s a good idea to invest in a strong and secure metal shed that will deter burglars from walking away with your tools. 

Screwfix, alone, have a long list of metal sheds, including models that come with two locking points, which provides an extra layer of security.

Compared to wooden sheds, metal sheds are more robust and durable. 

Keep Expensive Items Safe 

Garden furniture, bikes and even fish (expensive fish like koi or carp) are a target for burglars.

Larger furniture should be anchored to ensure it cannot be moved, while lighter furniture and barbeques should be stored in your shed out of sight

The same is recommended for more expensive items like bikes, for example, and again keeping them safely locked away inside your home, or your secure shed will protect them from being stolen.

Also, look to cover your fish pond with chicken wire to make it more difficult for a burglar to make off with your fish. 

Grow Prickly Plants 

A good way to deter burglars and protect any ingress areas is to plant dense, thorny plants, shrubs and hedges like berberis, pyracantha, holly, and blackthorn.

Bushes like yucca, gooseberry, and pampas can also help keep burglars at bay while also improving the appearance of your garden

If you have a larger garden, Giant Rhubarb can prove a formidable barrier against even the most determined burglar.

For more information on garden security and protection, contact your local police.