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Flood damage? Maximise your chances of a successful claim.

Flood damage? Maximise your chances of a successful claim.

Flood damage to commercial premises costs UK businesses more than a billion pounds every year yet the total of insurance settlements paid out is significantly below that figure.

Time is critical to a business faced with the devastating consequences of flood damage. As well as the physical losses, fire causes severe disruption to productivity and can put the survival of the business under threat. It is crucial a claim is dealt with promptly by a claims handler and comprehensively to ensure the business is back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Insurance companies will explore every possibility to reject a claim but these delays will cost businesses further in loss of income and reputation as well as add to the stress of the business owner.

Commercial flooding claims are often the highest, because the loss and damage is far-reaching. There’s the actual damage to the building to consider but also staff salaries, paper work, computers and loss of stock.

These costs are often intangible which is why it is imperative businesses hire the services of a professional loss assessor to deal with their commercial property insurance claim.

Commercial loss assessors take on the burden of dealing with a property insurance claim, which can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. As professional loss assessors, they prepare all of the correct documentation and deal with all the tense phone calls with the insurance companies to enable you to get on with the task of rebuilding your business.

Geoff Williams, director of Manchester-based loss assessors Cherry and Griffiths, said: “The value of hiring a professional loss assessor has never been so high as it is at the moment with the excessive flooding around the UK.

He added “Professional loss assessors cover every angle of a claim to ensure the insurance company has little argument or come back and has to pay up as a result. More importantly, however, we do this quickly so that your business doesn’t suffer any more than it has.

“Would you ever consider going to court without using a solicitor? The answer is clearly no and in our eyes no business should ever consider handling an insurance claim on their own.”

If your business has been affected by fire damage and you need to make a commercial property insurance claim contact the professional team at Cherry and Griffiths on 08448 223 623.