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Have You Secured Your Property’s Doors and Windows? Summer Crime is on the rise.

Protect your property and stock

Have you checked your doors and windows are locked properly?

Property owners are giving an open invitation to burglars by leaving doors and windows unlocked especially as the temperatures begin to rise. During the summer months lots of people leave their doors ajar or windows open to let a little air in to their home whilst they are out gardening or in another part of their property.

However, open doors and insecure first or second floor windows can also let in unwanted visitors such as opportunist burglars.

Businesses and homeowners have been targeted during the day and night and high value items taken such as laptops, handbags and car keys.
Commercial Manager at Window Security Solutions, Claire Butler said: “We have seen in the past that burglaries tend to go up slightly when properties leave windows and doors ajar in periods of warm weather. This has encouraged offences to be committed by opportunist passers-by.

Window Security Solutions are keen to educate the public about how to protect their property as using a little common sense and taking crime reduction advice seriously can prevent most summer burglaries.

Claire added: “Another measure that property owners can consider is additional security products. For example, Retractable Window Grilles are a form of internal window security measures that can be pulled back when not in use. This gives the property extra security in the summer months when doors and windows are left open”.