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Having trouble getting your insurance to pay out?

Having trouble getting your insurance to pay out?

If your business has faced a fire, flood or burglary, but you’re having difficulty persuading your insurance company you have a valid claim, it’s never too late to instruct a loss assessor on your behalf.

Ideally businesses should consult an insurance loss assessor immediately after an incident affects their business, but there’s always an opportunity to bring them on-board at a later stage of your claim – particularly if it’s proving contentious.

Business interruption claims are notoriously complex and require a sound understanding of accountancy procedures to assess how this could potentially impact on policy wordings. Quantifying projected losses is also a difficult task and any mistakes could result in your business getting much less than it deserves.

If you’re finding it difficult to negotiate your business interruption claim, hiring a professional Manchester loss assessor could help you increase your chances of a bigger payout.

Manchester-based Cherry and Griffiths are experts in commercial insurance claims handling and two of their directors have substantial experience working for insurers as Chartered Loss Adjusters – gamekeepers turned poachers!

These professional loss assessors have a wealth of technical and legal knowledge, making them better placed to deal with your property insurance claim on your behalf and improving the outcome for your business.

Unlike many firms of loss assessors, Cherry and Griffiths do not shy away from contentious or difficult claims and instead actively market their ability to deal with such matters. This means that whatever stage of the claims process your business is at, they will always come and board if appropriate and fight it on your behalf.

The Manchester-based loss assessors have built up a track record of taking over claims which other loss assessors have been unable to resolve and achieving the desired outcome for their clients.

“If you’ve already got the ball rolling on your insurance claim but are finding yourself swamped with paperwork, phone calls and site visits, there’s no time like the present to appoint an experienced loss assessor on your behalf. From then on, you’ll only need one number – ours – as we’ll take care of the rest.”