How can you reduce your operating costs by 30%?

Internet Connectivity is vital to many businesses

In the current economic climate, every penny saved truly is a penny earned, and the director of Lancashire-based telecoms company TechAdvance has been embracing this mantra to help businesses get cost-effective. Ian Hilton says all throughout the business sector, companies can save nearly 30% by simply reducing operating costs.

Speaking frankly, Ian said: “We are still finding opportunities to reduce operating costs for businesses by an average of 29.7% by conducting an independent cost analysis of these services and comparing current bills against rates we can recommend. Growth is being driven through faster, more reliable internet connectivity options, and applications that deliver integration with mobile devices and the desktop, making communication easier.”

Ian then expanded on internet connectivity, which he sees as “another key area of focus.”

“Looking at the costs and speeds of current connections, and then considering upgrades to newer broadband technologies or Ethernet, first mile can prove very beneficial. Everybody wants faster and in today’s market this doesn’t always mean more expensive.”

Property Aspects recently reported on Ian’s company Tech Advance saving retailer Home Bargains several thousands of pounds over the last ten years by consolidating their telecoms early. Home Bargains has grown from 15 branches to 280 with an expansion to 500 properties on the way.

What was also recently reported was that they have hit sales of £900 million.

Being a telecoms expert, we had to ask Ian the big question: what are the biggest mistakes your average business makes in managing their telecoms technology?

Ian responded: “Put simply, too many companies manage this part of their business in house, usually in IT, finance, or sometimes both. In smaller companies the owner-slash-managers do the same“.

“Companies spend too much time considering services from too many providers and often lack a structured approach with expert input and broad industry knowledge. This can lead to slow decisions and paying over the odds”.

Property Aspects appreciates the contribution to this article from Ian Hilton of TechAdvance who has worked in telecommunications for 22 years. For more information, contact Ian via Tel: 0845 389 2311 or E-Mail: