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How much energy is your business wasting?

How much energy is your business wasting?

High energy costs are crippling many British businesses but there are ways of maximising energy efficiency and saving money as well as reducing your carbon footprint if you consult the experts.

Professional contractors can provide bespoke energy efficiency solutions to help drive down your energy costs in this turbulent economic climate and create a greener working environment for your employees.

There are a host of options available to businesses who want to maximise their energy efficiency. Installing state-of-the-art automatic lighting controls, for example, could save you up to 30% on your lighting costs. If you regularly light up office spaces or washrooms, even when occupants have left the room, you could benefit from occupancy sensors which automatically switch off artificial lighting when a space isn’t being used or lighting isn’t required (such as in daylight hours).

Automatic lighting control is becoming a popular addition to today’s modern office premises and factories and it’s not surprising considering 25%-30% of a business’s electricity costs come from lighting.

If your business is considering refurbishment or thinking about revamping your lighting systems, now is the time to start thinking about automatic lighting controls, according to Dave Parden, director of Manchester-based contractors Walls Electrical.

“Fitting automatic lighting systems should be a serious consideration of any business which has commercial premises, particularly those which have a significant annual electricity bill. This simple measure provides a very effective way of saving money and it won’t be long before you receive a return for your investment. It will also enhance your reputation by demonstrating a strong commitment to reduce your carbon footprint,” he said.

There are a variety of sensors available on the market but businesses are best advised to seek the services of a qualified electrical contractor who can design a tailor-made system for their premises.

Daylight sensors can be used to measure internal or external light levels and adjust lighting accordingly while combined detectors have the capacity to measure both daylight and occupancy therefore offering enhanced energy efficiency. Aside from any financial or environmental benefits, automatic lighting installations are credited with providing a better working environment for staff.

The systems can be retro-fitted to existing installations or designed as part of a custom-made lighting scheme.

Property Aspects Magazine appreciates the contribution to this article from Walls Data & Electrical who are based in Manchester