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How 'socialising' over curry can be of value to your construction business

Mention ‘socialising’ in the office and you may conjure up images of slackers hanging around the photocopier (or is that now the ‘water-cooler’?).

However, these negative images aren’t today’s norm. Socialising in today’s business has changed and the advantages are clear. People need to become more connected than ever, and are mixing and mingling in new ways nowadays via social media channels.

But face to face networking is so important – and still very effective!

Most business people know they must, amongst other things, still network in order to achieve development and find new prospects. Many people are now told as early as high school that to succeed in business you need to “meet a lot of people and build a network”.

It’s critically important to participate in the public arena and interact with the people who could become your future business clients or colleagues, or provide you with valuable information to help you develop business.

If possible you would want to meet business people working specifically within your own business sector. These events can be few and far between for many sectors.

But the Property and Construction sector has a perfect networking opportunity already in existence. And it’s been around for years!

The Curry Club

The Curry Club is run by the team at Networking in the City at venues in Manchester and various cities around the UK. They provide people in property and construction with the ideal opportunity to meet lots of other businesses working in the sector.

Being around the right people can give you an edge over your competitors. We all need to keep our profile out there amongst our target audience.

The Curry Club property lunches give you the time to mix with others, maybe share updates on projects that are taking place around the city or maybe catch up with contacts that you haven’t seen for a while.

Sharing knowledge is a big part of networking and a far better strategy than pitching your business offering at the table. It makes the lunch beneficial to both parties, and by asking questions of others it provides you an insight into them that may help lead you to getting business in future.

In order to convert socialising into networking, you need to have a goals planted in your mind before you even enter the venue where networking will take place. It is important to attend the right functions within the city, talk to the right people, ask lots of questions and bounce ideas and conversation off each other.

The Curry Club can help you do exactly that and is a great place to start, for anyone working in the property and construction sector.

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